• Content Warning: Child and Mother Death mentioned from sickness
  • The trash heap is explored fully
  • More questions than answers are uncovered
  • The Lawmen grasp at straws and spread out around town to ask questions and get a handle on the situation
  • A woman from the Fringes comes to town seeking help
  • We've got a new Discord server set up for discussing the podcast and reaching out to us. Click to get the invite.
  • Monster of the Week is a game full of horrors, ghosts and all things that go bump in the night. The cooperative nature of the game means no one knows what is coming up next.
  • Shout out to Michael Sands, Evil Hat Productions and all of the play testers and collaborators that brought us Monster of the Week, check out their website for more info and how to get into this great game
  • We use Headliner for beautiful audiograms that we use on YouTube and across social media.
  • We also use tokens and maps from 2minutetabletop
  • Email us at info@goblinsandgambles.com or Tweet @goblinsngambles
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