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  • The King faces a number of tough decisions.
  • Anoran has a small vision quest? I guess.
  • Marcus sleeps it off

Last week, August 2nd specifically, we released the first Episode of Sorry! A nationwide Canadian D&D adventure. We worked with a slew of Canadian podcasts to bring you an Avenger's level collaboration. Please go check it out if you haven't already! Episodes 2-7 are on the various other podcasts, listed in the show notes, or at

We've got a pretty grueling schedule ahead of us. This week we're recording our Halloween special with Liam as GM again, which will likely end up being several solid hours of podcast for you. I've got an episode of Kingmaker slated for August 24th. Then for the September long weekend (September 3rd) we've got 5! more episodes of Hell's Horses, to finish off the second arc of Eric's monster extravaganza. That puts Arc 2 at 6 episodes total, and honestly it's been a ton of fun. We're all looking forward to getting back to that.

The rest of September and likely most of October until we get to our Halloween special (Release still TBD) will be a G&G drought unfortunately. I've got another cross country move ahead of me, which puts my editing rig in a small box, in a larger box, and then shipped at some random point in time completely unrelated to when I leave or arrive. Truly sorry about that, but hopefully Hell's Horses will tide you over. I know we sold you on the Pathfinder Kingmaker podcast thing, but Monster of the Week is such a blast, and we all really enjoy our characters and the story and I implore you to give it a shot.

During my time without my gear, I'll be planning our Christmas/Winter Holiday release. We're going to try out the Mouse Guard system, because reasons.

And last thing, when we started this podcast, I told you there wouldn't be ads. Today, that's a partial lie. Part of our Sorry adventure was showcasing Canadian businesses, and there are a couple that are close to home for us here at G&G, so, please endure some ad reads for Critical Hit in Courtice Ontario, and the Board Room game cafe in Halifax. I promise they didn't pay us for these, so is it really an ad?

Big thanks to Paizo for an excellent game: Pathfinder.

We use Headliner for beautiful audiograms that we use on YouTube and across social media.

We also use tokens and maps from 2minutetabletop

Email us at or Tweet @goblinsngambles

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