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A strange chill is falling over the already cold nation of Albionora. From the mountainous western coast in Vanover, across the stark expanse of the Allplain, all the way to the hidden and misty shores in the east, something worth apologising for is brewing.

This is episode 1 of “SORRY! A Nation Wide Canadian D&D Adventure”, a 7 episode collaboration between 9 Canadian TTRPG groups. Each episode of SORRY is hosted by a different podcast and can be listened to independently. However, when listened to in order, the episodes reveal a larger story taking place in the land of Albionora. For episode 2 look at the list below and head over to Legends: A Superhero Story!

You can find the rest of the episodes below:

This episode features:

We are running a giveaway until August 4th. Enter to win 1 of 3 awesome prizes using this link ->

And our ad spots showcased the following Canadian TTRPG business and products:

Be sure to check each episode description or visit for more details about our shows, sponsors, and giveaway!

Music by Liam Saunders

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